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Dive Boat KURNIA

updated November 2012

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Kurnia in Fahrt

Our Experience

Also during our last vacation on Bunaken we have used an offer which could be interesting for you:
We rented the boat KURNIA inclusive boatswain to go independently to diving, snorkelling, fishing and dolphin tour. For diving an experienced local dive guide accompanied me. He took care of my equipment before and after the diving and supported me at UW-photographing.
That ment invaluable advantages in many respects:

  • The boat with boatswain was available to us for a fixed price all-day.
  • Time, duration and the destination of our drives were completely incumbent upon our decision, i.e. complete independence of a divecenter
  • Between the dives we were free to make a "lunchbreak" in any nice, shady sandy bay . For such day trips the Resorts provided us with food. Boatswain and dive guide took over purchase, preparation and realisation of the barbecue for us.
  • My wife could snorkel on different places without additional expenses, whenever she felt like.
  • Basically it is also possible to go by this boat from Bunaken to the neighbouring islands or to Lembeh to stay there and to dive.

It had two 40 HP engines, an oxygen tank with Nitrox regulator, life jackets, water dispenser, seat upholstery (which we could bring for sunbathing up to deck). If requested cold and hot drinks were provided for us

The calculation of the costs:

We paid the rent for boat and boatswain per day. Everything else was extra charged. For us were this:

  • Fuel (depended on consumption)
  • Dive guide
  • Dives incl. tank fillings

This holiday variation is interesting above all for people from 3-6 people with own equipment. The more people divide the boat incl. staff, the lower becomes logically the price. Hence, this offer should consider divers who come as a group. Of course it is also interesting for couples or families which are ready to pay a suitable price for the luxury of their independence.

Contact the owner

If could arouse your interest now, you can contact the owner of the boat, the Dutchman Ferdinand directly and ask him for an offer geared to needs. Give him then full particulars about your special requirements, e.g., number of the people, divers, equipment to be rent, planned dives per day and so on.

His e-mail address:; however, I urgently advise you to point him out to your mail at the same time by an SMS, because quite often he has not received e-mails. His mobile phone number is: +62 811 4302018

In the meantime, Ferdinand also has a very nice own website:


FERDINAND is, by the way, also a dive inctructor...

He holds the diving courses in his mother tongue Dutch, an in German and English as well. - No matter, in which Resort you stay. As freelance PADI - Instructor he offers: Tauchlehrer Ferdinand

Discover Scuba Diving (2 dives): On this occasion, he lets you experience the beauties of the underwater world in one of the nicest dive spots of the world. His friendly and careful way takes the possible fear from you and inspires you for the next step.

PADI Open Water course: Alone or in a small group you learn the bases of the diving and thus you gain the licence to the diving worldwide.

PADI Advanced Open Water course: You extend with his help your knowledge and abilities (e.g., deep diving and night diving, wreck diving and navigating). In a small group or if requested also alone.


and since 2011 also a happy house-owner

He and his Indonesian wife Julin have built a house on Bunaken 2011. Because we already are friends for many years, they had immediately made available to us a spacious private room in the upper floor in the first days of our vacation. And we could stay there until a bungalow became free in the Resort of our choice.

Few months ago I received the message that the both have established two very nice beach bungalows. Therefore it has become possible to get also an accommodation at Ferdinand and Julin. Just look on their website.

My recommendation:

Who would like to be independent as a diver or snorkler on Bunaken, should afford the luxury of an "own" boat for a few days or longer. This variant is also attractive under the aspect of price particularly for families and groups.

With Ferdinand as a dive inctructor you are not dependend on the dive center of a certain Resort in which you just stay, in particular if you liked to be taught as a Swiss, Austrian or German in your mother tongue. Also the people who have waited with booking too long and then the Resort of their choice is full, need not sleep on the street after their arrival. With the help of Ferdinand and Julin they have the chance to find a lodging either in one of their two nice bungalows or in any other resort.

auf Kurnia sonnen Picknick mit Kurnia Kapitän der Kurnia
We had enough space to sun ourselves on deck during the diving breaks Boatswain Veki and my dive guide Dempsy had prepared everything for the barbecue. We had to look after nothing (except money of course) Our experienced and licensed boat captain Veki navigated KURNIA masterfully through wind and waves to any desired dive spot. At our appearance on surface after diving he always was there immediately.