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(If you are too short of time to read my detailed report, you can also jump directly down to a summary with recommendation)


From Bunaken to Gangga

We saved the highlight of our 8-week vacation in North-Sulawesi for the last week: Gangga Resort on a small paradisiacal island in the very north of North Sulawesi. We already got to know and appreciate it two years ago. At that time only 3 days were granted to us (a gift of a friend). However, already at our departure it was clear to us: This was not the last time.

After 5 weeks of diving on Bunaken Island this year it was time for recreation and taking a rest. Usually the guests are picked up by an air-conditioned minivan from the airport or their hotel in Manado and brought to a landing stage from where they are driven to the island by the resort-owned boat. We were lucky and did not have to go to Manado first. Instead a diving tour was organised from Gangga to Bunaken and after the third dive we were picked up directly from our resort on Bunaken.


Warm welcome - moving in our bungalow

After an one-hour ride we reached the resort and were first welcomed with coconut(-milk) and sandwiches in the lobby and then escorted to our bungalow. It was not the same as the one two years ago. Nevertheless: we were already familiar to the rooms and the furnishing. There is no need to describe those; on the resort's website you can virtually move through the living area and the bathroom virtually with the help of a videoclip. However, I would like to mention in particular the roomy wardrobe with a sufficient amount of hangers and shelves and the many opportunities to place our stuff. A desk did not only serve to put the laptop there but also to provide sufficient space to store and charge my different electronic devices. In the wardrobe there was also a safe to store valuables.

Bad GanggaEverything was prepared for us. The fridge was filled with various drinks, tea and coffee to prepare and a bowl with fresh vegetables. Not least a vase of fragrant flowers gave us the feeling: Here one is looking forward to welcome one’s guests. On the lovingly prepared bed there even lay welcome gifts for us.

Also in the roomy washroom the familiar sight: Several fresh towels in different sizes, various shampoos and body creams, toothbrush glasses, a hairdryer, paper dispenser and so on. The shower and the toilette were hygienic clean, cold and warm water was from a well-functioning shower head with sufficient pressure. A fresh filled drinking-water dispenser (Aqua) was ready for tooth brushing or for the preparation of coffee/tea by means of an electric kettle in the living area. The air conditioner had cooled the living area pleasantly. We laid down onto our tester bed and took rest period until the first announced event:




Coffee break at the pool


...with freshly made pastry and live-music: While a member of the Gangga team made e.g. Bisang goreng (fried bananas) in boiling coconut oil, the others played Indonesian or international songs. In the meantime we could help ourselves with coffee or tea and enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere on one of the sitting accomodations surrounding the pool till the sun set slowly and the lighting came on. Then we adjourned into our bungalow and spent the time till dinner in reading.

The meals in the restaurant were served at scheduled  times: Breakfast between 7am and 10am, lunch from 1pm to 3pm and dinner from 8pm to 10pm.




First dinner in the restaurant

Cause we already had a good appetite we appeared on time. We quickly found the table reserved for us which was decorated with fresh flowers. A glance through the huge hall reminded us that it was not the main season. Just a few tables were taken by couples or some bigger tables by guests who either travelled together or made friends during their diving adventures. The following days we noticed that most of them came from the german-speaking area, but also some from Italy, the Netherlands, the US and France. As soon as we took our seats one of the waiters handed us the menu (e.g. lunch). We had the choice between western and Indonesian cooking, between meat, fish and seafood. Besides that there were dishes for enthusiasts of the Italian kitchen, for Vegetarians and... Hamburger with French fries. As starter I chose a delicious pumpkin soup, as dessert a dish of ice-cream. Besides soft drinks one could choose between different kinds of red and white wines, as well as beers (big and small bottles). The waiters were always quickly on the spot. They were standing in the background during meals but observed unobtrusively if guests were in need of something. They were very friendly, but at the same time always respectful and never obtrusive. While still waiting for our starter the manager of the dive center went from table to table and discussed the plans for the next day with the divers. After the dinner Hanne, the perfectly German-and English-speaking Danish manager and owner of the resort appeared to welcome one or two guests or just for a little talk.

The lovingly prepared meals tasted exquisite and were comparable to meals in European gourmet restaurants. 




After dinner we settled ourselves in one of the many living-room suites in the lobby and listened to the Gangga-Band which we have already enjoyed during the meal playing mainly Indonesian songs. In the meantime I checked my e-mails and caught up on news from Germany. In this zone there was the best WiFi-connection. For those who did not bring their notebook there were also computers with internet connection available in a small air conditioned room. Whoever wanted could also play billiards.


Good Night

At the arrival back in our bungalow we found recently made beds and a spick and span bathroom. The TV with its 5 international programs we used pretty much never, neither the well-equipped library including books in several languages. After a hot shower we went to bed, switched on the bedside lamp and read in our KINDLE, albeit not very long: After a short time our eyelids drooped as we grew tired.. Since our time on Bunaken we appreciated especially the quiet: You couldn't hear anything form the next-door neighbours. Not even the noise of a generator or compressor. The supply area of the resort was far apart from the living area. From experience we set our air conditioner to just 26°C, so that we could keep sleeping without any breaks.




When we went to the restaurant for breakfast the next morning a big buffet was arranged. While my wife was heading directly to the "Indonesian part" and helped herself with Nasi Goreng, I chose from different kinds of bread a few slices to toast and after that I got the cook to prepare scrambled egg with self-chosen ingredients (onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and garlic) for me. Besides a yoghurt I regrettably couldn't experience the rest of the offerings (see the photos below). Coffee and tea was served at our table and refilled when needed. Besides us there were only few guests, cause some of them have already started for diving and others were still sleeping.



Our Day

Cause after my altogether 60 dives on Bunaken we only wanted to enjoy the luxury of the resort to the fullest, therefore our daily routine is quickly described:

After the breakfast back to the recently cleaned bungalow. Putting on swimwear, packing the e-book-readers, a small beer or a coke from the fridge and sun-protection. Then the short way to the swimming-pool, taking a new towel and chosing one of the many upholstered couches. My wife Djati took the opportunity to improve her swimming skills extensively. Cause she is very distrustful towards water especially from the sea (depth, cold, temperature) the pool accommodated her with its ideal conditions. In the morning hours there were hardly any swimmers who could cross her. This is why she used this time for an intense practice (in the 1,20m - area). To feel safe all the time I had to keep an eye on her. At the same time I was reading or just enjoying the warmth of the sun. And soon the next highlight of the day came closer...
Lunch different from the dinner began at the extensive salad bar. Then again choosing from the menu-card.

The afternoons were not as sunny most of the times, but still warm, so that we could stay at the pool or at the beach directly. But twice we had to use our umbrellas available at our bungalow to reach the restaurant.


Diving And Spa

As already mentioned: Concerning diving my need has already been covered. Additionaly our budget has set us limits after 7 weeks of staying in Sulawesi. Cause of this I cannot report on experiences in the Spa of the resort either. But one is sure: On our next holidays diving as well as Spa will be up on our agenda. The enthusiastic reports of our co-guests made it clear to us that we missed out on so much in this regard.



We appreciated most notably


  • The relaxed, friendly atmosphere
  • Engagement and friendliness of the manager and the well trained staff
  • Luxurious facilities of the bungalows, as well as of the whole resort
  • Excellent service
  • Hygiene
  • Stylish dishing, top ambiente, optically pleasing and tasty meals
  • Long distances between the bungalows
  • No disturbing noises at all
  • Contact to other guests was possible but not of necessity (e.g. by distance between the tables in the restaurant)
  • Big, clean, white sand beach
  • Permanent garden maintenance without disturbing the guests
  • The great attention to the guests



Gangga Resort is certainly one of the best deluxe resorts on Sulawesi. The one who wants to get spoiled in this tropical paradise has a good choice in this resort. But this luxury has its price. The one who can afford it, won't regret it like many of the other guests who spend their holidays on Gangga Islands over and over again.


Should you have got interest in further information, you find them on the Website of the Resort



And here some photos...

  Terrasse unseres Bungalows   Liegen am Strand  

A view onto the veranda of our bungalow. There are a upholstered couch and a drying rack. In front of the stairs one can wash ones feet with flowing water before entering the terrace.



Belonging to each bungalow there are some couches just a few meters apart, as well as a roofed place for couches at the beach. The upholstery is placed very early in the morning and transported back to the bungalows in the evening.

  Reservierte Tische im Restaurant   Große Lounge mit Bar  

The tables in the restaurant are reserved (tagged with the numbers of the bungalows)


Big Lounge with bar in the evening. Here you can borrow a book and read or check the emails at your notebook via -WiFi and drink a coffee in the meantime...

  die Gangga Band   Frühstücksbuffet im Gangga Resort  

While and after the dinner the Gangga-band including the chef is playing for us in the background.


At the breakfast buffet we have the choice of diverse marmalades, ham, cheese, but also ingredients for cereal and fresh fruits and yoghurt.

  Frühstück wird zubereitet   Abendessen im Speisesaal  

In addition a chef is ready to prepare eggs with ham, onions and additional ingredients of one's wish.


Because most of the guests were already gone for diving we were having breakfast on our own.

  Erholung am Pool von Gangga   Meine Frau uebt Schwimmen im Pool  

In the hours before lunch we nearly had the pool for us solely. Thanks to the WiFi  I could calmly surf the internet, enjoy a cool beer Bintang and ... my wife Djati swimming. After swimming in the saltwater one can shower with warm freshwater.  
  gardener im gangga resort   Köche und Kellner  

There are gardeners everywhere coming around and clean the ground.


A view behind the scenes: Chefs and waiters in the anteroom of the kitchen.

  Amerikanische Gäste   Deutscher Gast  

We also met some very nice guests, here is a couple from the US.


This is a German guest from Munich who enthusiastically told us about his underwater adventures and about the massages in the Spa.

  Spaziergang ins Gangga Dorf   Kinder auf der Dorfstraße  

It's worthwhile to go for a walk to the only 2 villages on the island. One walks on a solid path and cannot get lost.


Children on the street through the village.

  Wir am Pool   Hanne verabschiedet uns  

The saltwater pool is a gladly visited meeting area of the guests with many upholstered couches and always fresh towels.


Quickly our week on the beautiful island was over. Ciao Hanne, it was great at yours!!!!